Miss Queensland

Well it was great having my second travelling Blythe doll stop~over for a while here in my lovely town on the Mornington Peninsula.

She is a gorgeous doll! She was originally a Takara Simply Mango Neo Blythe doll. Then she was customised with a new face and new hair !!

Her hair is lush, a lovely soft baby pink mohair which has been beautifully done by Sue (Jam Slammington). Her divine little face was customised by Maria (Chu Things).

I had lots of fun with her – taking the majority of shots with my very own customised chu things doll! Maria did a beautiful little face for me and for many long late nights I did my very own white mohair re-root.

I was lucky to have this lovely travelling doll with me for around a fortnight and was yesterday handed over to my lovely friend Stella C for a little bit of lovin!

Miss Q (Miss Queensland) enjoyed many days doing bike riding, vespa rides, long walks and lazing in the sun.

I hope you enjoy the photos on my slideshow below.

Tanya xx

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Lollipoppet 2012

New Year… New Look

Well its January 2012 and I decided over the Christmas break that I needed a fresh new look for my label. I am hoping this year the lollipoppet label is going to grow bigger and better.

With my youngest going to 3-year-old kinder it may give me a little more extra time on my hands to get stuck back into my sewing on a regular basis.

As I get things nearer to completion and ready to sell in my store, I will be sure to pop them on here and also on my flickr…

I am looking forward to doing some new clothing for Blythe Dolls, Peteena, Usaggie and also a few children’s items as well.

So if you wish to know whats coming up in the near future be sure to click the “follow me link”

Tanya xx