Facebook Timeline Cover

Facebook time line cover for Lollipoppet

 Yesterday I spent the day fiddling around with some of my images to create my new

LOLLIPOPPET  Facebook Timeline cover.

It took me a good few hours but I am pleased with the result.

It looks a little funny above as the black haired custom doll “Miss Sydney” (2011 travelling doll for weplaywithdolls) appears to be floating in mid air BUT when the cover is published on facebook she is actually sitting ontop of the lollipoppet profile logo. Miss Sydney is wearing the Lollipoppet Pantaloons and matching bow tie shirt. She was sitting near the mornington pier (Victoria Australia) in this photo this is the reason why she is wearing no shoes.

To the right of her is my 1972 Kenner Blythe doll. She is a redhead with chunky bangs (fringe). She is wearing an original lollipoppet vintage dress. This is my current style.

It is completely tea stained and then completed with laces, trims etc so each dress is unique.

The lovely doll in the centre is an original vintage Blonde 1972 Kenner Blythe doll.

She is wearing a lollipoppet beret and matching dress, complete with teeny buttons and a pin tucked bib.

To the right is a girl that I missed out on when first released so I was glad to purchase her off Christina (JamFancy) when she put her up for adoption. She is called

Miss Sally Rice and was released by Takara /Hasbro in 2008.  She has Transluscent skin which is different to many of the other dolls which had been released prior to her and photographs so well.

My Miss Sally rice is wearing a Lollipoppet Disco Paisley Jumpsuit!!

Now the last girl to the very right sitting comfortably on a toadstool is also an original 1972 Vintage Kenner Blythe. She was my very first kenner Doll.

This vintage doll is a whispy banged Raven Brunette kenner Blythe doll from 1972. She is wearing a Lollipoppet handmade dress with vintage japanese fabric on the sleeves and gorgeous vintage barbie squishy Mod boots. I love these boots and am trying to collect them in every colour they have been released in.

So if you have any vintage barbie mod boots that you would like to sell, just pop me an email

Thanks for reading,

Tanya xx


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